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May 7, 14.
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What are 3 things fandom can do right now to make it more welcoming to you as a woman of color?




If you are a woman of color who is also LGBTQ, disabled, mentally ill, poor or working class, undocumented, non-Christian (in practice or in background), etc., what are 3 things that fandom can do to make it welcome all of your identities and experiences?

1. Stop putting women of color aside for male slash ships. 

2. Consider and critically examine why women like Martha Jones, Mercedes Jones, Regina Mills, and others are vilified while their male counterparts are not. Do not brush aside the sexist racism by saying it is just a preference.

3. Racebending characters. 

This is an awesome convo (just look at all the responses!) and you should participate!

"Stop putting women of color aside for male slash ships."

Oh my God, THIS. I posted about this before in regards to Left 4 Dead but it didn’t get too much attention. The Ellis x Nick ship NEVER made me comfortable and I didn’t know why until I realized that the way that the fandom treats Rochelle is horrendously racist and sexist. Naturally, people can’t stand to see her being romanced by not one but two white guys, so they pair the one who she’s arguably mostly paired with in canon with a younger man who he verbally abuses through the entire game. The whole thing is royally fucked up on multiple levels. If you wanted to have a gay ship then, a) there are plenty of other men there without having to perpetuate the “no one wants a Black woman” stereotype, and b) there are plenty of men who are NOT complete jerks to Ellis who you could pair him with. Literally only two of the eight characters in the game are female. I see you, fandom. Don’t think I don’t see you.

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  18. lightningrani answered: Don’t misrepresent my culture, don’t use it as a symbol for weirdness/exotic, and racebend characters with respect
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